News from February, 2012

A new recession seems inevitable

While most economists have stopped worrying that the U.S. will fall into a double-dip recession, one influential economist maintains his position that the nation won't be able to avoid a new downturn. read more

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MorrisAnderson Marketing Director blogs about social media for the TMA Chicago/Midwest Chapter

Amanda Hansen, Marketing Director, recently shared her thoughts on the TMA Chicago/Midwest event held on February 16; "What Social Media Can Do For You, Your Company and Your Clients." read more

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Why Companies Fail

GM’s stock price has sunk by a third since its IPO. Why is corporate turnaround so difficult and rare? The answer is often culture—the hardest thing of all to change. read more

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US Trustee Stands By Changes To Ch. 11 Fee Guidelines

The U.S. Trustee Program defended itself Tuesday from a barrage of criticism from top law firms and others who say proposed updates to the Chapter 11 billing guidelines threaten to create administrative, financial and ethical problems for bankruptcy attorneys. read more

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Mover of the Week: MorrisAnderson’s David Bagley Helps Eateries Beat Challenges

David Bagley, who was recently promoted to principal at turnaround firm MorrisAnderson, specializes in helping struggling restaurant chains claw their way back to health. It’s a cool gig—and one that makes even more sense after you learn that Bagley was once a McDonald’s employee himself. read more

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Daniel F. Dooley rocks the boat at MorrisAnderson, stays afloat

MorrisAnderson was a mess and it was largely going to be up to Daniel F. Dooley to fix the dysfunctional turnaround consulting firm. read more

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Trucking Industry Update

2011 was a very busy year in the trucking and transportation industry. Fuel reached all time highs, truck fleets continued a 3-year contraction, and a federal transportation funding bill continued to languish in Congress. On the positive side, new hours of service legislation was approved, the Safety Compliance Measuring System was in full force, new target fuel efficiency standards were finalized, and the overall economic health of the industry continued to rebound. read more

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Steve Agran Elected to Turnaround Management Association’s Board of Directors, New Jersey Chapter

MorrisAnderson, a leading financial and operational advisory firm, announced today that Steve Agran, managing director, was elected to the New Jersey Chapter of the Turnaround Management Association’s (NJTMA) board of directors. In this capacity, Agran will be responsible for enhancing awareness of the NJTMA, representing the interests of members, assuming committee duties and contributing to educational, membership, networking and community outreach initiatives. read more

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