Month: May 2019

A Restaurant Chain Went Looking for Fast Service

With the spurt in the number of distressed companies, it follows that many turnaround and merger and acquisition professionals are spending more time trying to sell underperforming and troubled companies.  Because today’s market clearly favors buyers, the real challenge of course, given the typical seller viability and liquidity issues, is to maximize value.  Morris·Anderson faced

Tales from the Trenches

M·A&A was recently referred to an automation equipment manufacturer in the Midwest by a major middle-market lender.  The Company had a small $2 million Line and we were the second turnaround firm who had been retained to help.  The first firm was a big name who had charged $75,000 for a very nice “accounting type” report

Bankruptcy Primer for the CRO

This presentation contains an outline of the bankruptcy primer for CROs which includes the retention of CROs and how to close a case.

Business Services – A Framework for Success

To understand the framework for success, one must understand the business services model and the fundamental layers of a business organization. This presentation contains an outline of the framework for success for any business and an in-depth explanation of SKU Tower.

Healthcare Insolvency: Is it ObamaCare, TrumpCare, or WhoCares?

To understand healthcare insolvency, one must understand the difference between the health care system plans in the United States. This presentation contains an explanation of the United States’s healthcare system: spending, health consolidations, repeals, statistics and more.