Pandemic Sparks Exponential Growth in Grocery Delivery Services

 By Pat Schuetz, Associate Director, MorrisAnderson & Associates Ltd. While the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on many industries in the global economy, e-commerce usage among everyday consumers skyrocketed during this unprecedented time. The increase in online purchasing was a direct result of the pandemic, as consumers opted to stay at home and rely on the

Protecting Viability for the Balance of 2020

Most companies are currently either shutdown or operating on a very limited basis. Once business is restarted, demand for product or service is unknown, the ability for suppliers to provide timely product is a question mark and will all the employees return? In other words, there are a mountain of risks and the question for

Saving Your Restaurant Group – March 27, 2020

The Restaurant Industry much like the Retail Industry has long had too many locations and too many brands that have no current reason to exist (ironically bankruptcy filings often call these “iconic” brands). Now that the impact of the Coronus Virus has shut down the majority of the restaurant business, we are going to see

Receivership Strategy When Risk is Long and Time is Short

Lenders are faced with difficult circumstances when a borrower’s business and the bank’s collateral is deteriorating.  The downward spiral often includes declining or negative earnings, insufficient cash flow, declining enterprise value, escalating trade debt and “tripped” financial covenants.  Further, management has not been able to reverse these negative trends and worse, have likely not been

Supply Chain Risk Is A Rising Tide

By Michael Boudreau CPA, CTP, CFF – November 2019 The auto industry moves the needle in many different geographic markets and it often trickles down to other commercial industries. Stress cracks at the OEM level often create shock waves down the supply chain which increases risk factors at the Tier I, II and III suppliers.

How Casual Dining Restaurants Can Take Back Their Lunch

Anyone eating at an Applebee’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chili’s, Olive Garden, Outback Steakhouse, Ruby Tuesday, or TGI Fridays is patronizing a casual dining restaurant. Casual dining establishments provide table service and have “price points of approximately $15 per meal” and “menus with a much wider range of choices” than the hand-held food offerings of quick-service

Healthcare Workouts – Unique Attributes (Video)

Ken Mann sits down with Dan Dooley, CEO of MorrisAnderson, to discuss the unique attributes you will find in a restructuring case involving a healthcare business, including the fact that people frequently die. In about ten minutes, you can get a little smarter about: • Accounts Receivable Issues • Differences in Corporate Structure and decision

Retail Restructuring 101

How many times have you heard or read some variation of that claim from “experts” over the last year? Last time we checked, consumers still need or want goods and they need to purchase those goods somewhere. The question is, where?


By Russell C. Silberglied, Director & Nathaniel J. Stuhlmiller, Associate, Richards, Layton & Finger, P.A. Introduction Many companies are “too broke to go bankrupt.” As the “ABI Commission to Study the Reform of Chapter 11”[1] notes, “anecdotal evidence suggests that Chapter 11 has become too expensive (particularly for small and medium size enterprises),” and more