Financial Advisory

Business Assessments:

Independently assess an underperforming company’s financial condition, its operations and its likely future financial results. Identification of capital needs and its future compliance with current loan covenants. Identification of key issues facing the company and listing of recommended action items to improve financial performance.

Financial Analysis:

Financial analysis of a company’s current and likely future performance, its capital structure and potential capital needs. Ongoing client advice as to tactical options and recommended course of action to protect and maximize company value. Financial Modeling is performed. Assist in negotiations with primary stakeholders.

Financial Modeling:

Development of a detailed 13-week cash flow projection to assist in the management of cash. Development of monthly P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow projections for the subsequent 12 months, or longer, to assess longer term capital needs and projected loan covenant compliance. Develop more detailed business unit analysis by division, product line, facility or store as appropriate.

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