Encore Legal Solutions

MorrisAnderson, I wanted to write to thank you both for all the great work and counsel you have provided to us to this point. I realize that in your work you may have members of management of your clients who love to take shots at your assumptions, numbers, conclusions, and recommendations. In this case, you have without a doubt learned so much so quickly about Encore and its industry, and I truly believe that your recommendations make a great deal of sense. The “middle ground” solution I have proposed and support at this point is not too far from your ultimate recommendation, and I have communicated lo Troy that we will keep both Chicago and DC on a short leash so that, in the event we do not deliver consistent bottom-line performance in these operations within the next 90-120 days, then these offices will also need to be considered for shut down. I also believe we have much more SG&A expense that we can take out of this business, particularly in Phoenix, Corporate Expense, and Management Expense. Troy and I will be speaking about this on Monday. In any event, please know that I respect and appreciate your work and talents. What you have contributed thus far has been extremely constructive and valuable to my/our thinking about the future of Encore.

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