Rima Manufacturing

I highly recommend the business services of MorrisAnderson. Over a 14 month period, MorrisAnderson guided the Rima leadership team through one of the most difficult and potentially devastating periods in the company’s history. With their experienced, steadfast guidance as well as their active involvement, we have survived these difficult financial times and now welcome a positive, profitable future. We have achieved these results while many other companies in this hyper-competitive automotive marketplace have not been so fortunate and have been forced to cease operations. We worked together to resolve many issues on both the revenue and cost sides of our business that were either damaging our profitability or threatening our viability. Rima’s senior management was guided through a difficult maze of decisions that created long term systemic changes and improvements both within Rima and externally with our suppliers and customers. The long sought prize-Rima’s return to profitable financial performance-was achieved; we have continued to remain stable and strong. Our ‘lessons’ were difficult to learn, but they remain in excellent service to us now and in the future. I recommend MorrisAnderson to any business that is experiencing troubled financial times; I encourage you to open yourself and your organization to the experience of their positive, effective guidance. I will remain forever grateful to MorrisAnderson for their steadfast, creative and insightful influence. They helped Rima create a positive and profitable future.

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