Schwanhauber Industrie Holding

With this note I would like to come back to our project of Cosmolab, Inc. and would like to let you know that we are very satisfied with the performance of the company after our purchase a couple of months ago. The company is improving, and we feel saved making profits each period now. As you have been the restructuring consultants during the past 12 months with us, please, express our highest appreciation about the restructuring job. The situation of the company forced to go through insolvency according to chapter 11 section 363 and the auction process and as it was not iced in the industry that the company really was been under heavy financial stress which also caused an entire risk to the customer performance. During the due diligence we have recognized that you were able to stabilize the situation and to control customer relation as well as the necessary supplies from the vendors. We were encouraged that in spite of the critical path you have form end a local management team which is eager to go through the bad times and which is motivated to continue business with the new owner of the company. This turns out to be a real asset for us. Moreover, we have felt very comfortable with a true and fair guidance and consultancy which we have encountered during the process of sales and insolvency in the past months. With this letter we would like to point out that we have found a very committed restructuring team, in both of you being very dedicated, supportive, and professional in business. We would like to thank you for the good job and fair deal.

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