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Please find below an ‘electronic flyer’ on the financial advisory firm I mentioned in our conversation today. Their website is If you look around on their website, don’t be alarmed by the words “turn-around” or “workout”. The firm does help troubled businesses {and very well I might add), but that is not the type of services I think you will need. The benefit as I see it, is getting the tools and training from these guys, who are the finest “doctors” in the field. I don’t think it makes sense to get second-rate advice, when the true experts are available. Notice the list of things on the right-hand side of flyer that they will implement in two weeks… things like better budgeting; A/ R, A/P, & Inventory management and accounting techniques; profitability analysis by customer; cash flow forecasting, etc. These things are crucial when navigating a business and can have a HUGE impact on profitability. I give them my highest recommendation, and sense that you would find them very helpful. If you need additional information, or would like me to provide a formal introduction, please let me know.

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