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MorrisAnderson was very instrumental in guiding us through a twelve month turnaround during extremely volatile economic conditions. Here are some of the successes MorrisAnderson helped us accomplish: • Right-sizing both companies – reducing headcount and increasing productivity, creating sales and expense budgets and long term forecasts, assessing locations and markets and monetizing non-core assets. • Refinancing our existing revolving credit line – from our then lender who had filed Chapter 11 to a new bank group in the Southeast, who later commented, “Do you know that no one else is getting refinanced during this period?” • Initiatives – Operational and financial targets going forward for the management team to focus on each month. I would highly recommend MorrisAnderson. We found their team to be very effective in dealing with all areas of our operations. They were easy to work with and persistent in order to accomplish set goals. I can genuinely say that without their help, our company might not be here today.

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