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Associate Director, Full-time

• 3-5 years of experience in either public accounting, financial consulting, or investment banking, open to industry as well (manufacturing, service, distribution, real estate)
• Willing to travel 70%
• Good personality with the ability to interact with clients (consultative in discussions)
• Go-getter attitude, entrepreneurial and ambitious
• Leader but team player willing to take direction
• Fast-paced environment
• Finance-based with operational interest and focus
• Intellectual curiosity – will want to understand the client’s business and industry well
• Excited to be a part of a marketing effort, and to build relationships in the industry for the long run

Position Accountabilities:

  1. Assists the Principal, Managing Director or Consulting Manager on assignments by focusing on the following:
    a. Preparation of analyses (manual or computer generated) necessary for ultimate problem determination and report preparation.
    b. Drafting of engagement reports or the consolidation of information prepared by Consultants into preliminary report drafts.
    c. Significant data collection through client interviews and related research.
  2. Works a minimum of 1800 to 2000 hours that are billable to clients. Also works at least an additional 200 hours of non-billable time in Firm-directed activities.

Background and Attributes:

  1. A minimum of four years of experience, with a heavy concentration in the areas of finance, accounting or operations. This experience should typically be obtained in a manufacturing, distribution, retail, service or real estate environment. However, significant consulting experience (as a staff or senior Consultant) gained through positions in consulting firms that concentrated on clients in the manufacturing sector, or workouts/restructurings in general, is also appropriate.
  2. Undergraduate degree in Accounting, Finance or Engineering required. Advanced degree in business administration, CTP, CIRA, CPA, CFA or CMA certificate would be preferred, but not required.
  3. Outstanding analytical skills, both in the areas of finance and accounting, as well as operations in general. The ability to quickly determine problem areas within an operation, outline the requirements to address the problems, and, most importantly, implement solutions.
  4. Excellent oral, written and interpersonal skills, displaying the self-confidence, assertiveness and poise required to make presentations to individuals or groups of client personnel.
  5. Self-starter, who is independent, a creative thinker, and yet common-sense oriented, with the ability to exercise good judgment in distressed and volatile situations and operate in an unstructured environment.
  6. Strong Excel and Word skills on a PC with Access database skills a plus.
  7. Excellent interpersonal skills, with the ability to get along with people at all levels in an organization, the ability to network and the potential to sell professional services.
  8. A leader who also has the willingness to take direction at times and crunch numbers. Willingness to travel extensively

About MorrisAnderson:
MorrisAnderson is a market leader in financial and operational consulting. Drawing on 30 years of deep expertise across a number of industry sectors, we help businesses find the best possible solution for difficult situations—quickly and honestly.

Unlike consultants who simply give financial advice, we collaborate with management and other stakeholders to create a comprehensive action plan that addresses immediate challenges.

When You Work with MorrisAnderson, You Can Expect:

Deep knowledge and skills. Count on our 30 years of expertise working with business owners to help you find the best possible solution.
Action oriented creativity. We’ll collaborate with you, suggest creative solutions and help implement change. Unlike other consultants who only advise, we’ll help set your plan in motion.
Operational proficiency. We know what it’s like to run a business—we’ll use this knowledge to help improve your business performance.
Consistent and reliable communication. We’ll keep management, employees and other stakeholders informed, and calmly provide stability and guidance.

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