Our Services

MorrisAnderson works exclusively with companies who are either financially underperforming or are going through a dramatic change such as a change in ownership. Most often we work directly for companies, their owners and their Boards but we also take projects representing banks and bank groups of financially distressed borrowers as well as Unsecured Creditor Committees in Chapter 11 cases.

Our service capabilities are very broad and designed to provide financially underperforming and financially distressed companies with assistance to improve financial performance, to turnaround money losing businesses, to restructure debt or to raise new capital, to sell companies as going concerns and to maximize value for those unfortunate companies that are no longer viable and must be liquidated.

Culturally we believe in a simple acronym which we refer to as COATS to describe our business philosophy and approach to project work. COATS stands for:


We believe it is important to develop an objective view of a company and to share that view with both the company and its secured lender(s) so all parties are working from the same set of facts. We believe in developing financial projections that realistically but conservatively predict future financial results and layer in the effect of planned corrective actions on those predicted results. We believe in frequent and regular communications with both the company and the secured lender(s) to create a win-win approach.


The MorrisAnderson senior team have all held C-level positions in industry as well as held interim management positions for numerous clients. We believe that operational excellence can only be achieved by managers who have significant “been there, done that” experience and our team has developed that operational excellence over many decades of work.


Although business analysis, planning and report writing are important consulting skills, the rubber really meets the road when you are taking action to implement either a business plan or a turnaround plan. We believe that what makes for a successful consultant is the ability to successfully implement action plans on time and as budgeted. This is an area where we focus and excel.


Trust is a hard thing to earn especially in an emotional charged business situation where the stakes are huge for everyone. We work on developing one-on-one relationships with all key stakeholders when we work on a project. We believe that you need to invest time to understand what is most important to each key stakeholders and do the best you can to continually be mindful of that need. We have found that listening, absolute honesty and empathy are mandatory skills to make this happen.


Finally we believe that all activity must be directed toward an overall goal. This is a solution that the key stakeholders can all agree that is the best outcome. We work hard to develop a common goal that all key stakeholders can agree on and then develop a plan to drive the company toward that mutually agreed solution.

COATS is what makes MorrisAnderson a different type of consulting firm.