Litigation Support


Going concern valuations of companies are traditionally done based upon three separate analytical approaches: 1. Market using Comparable Transactions, 2. Income using Discounted Cash Flows and 3. Cost using Individual Assets. Additional valuations are also often done on Liquidation Values or some hybrid combination of these valuation techniques.

Expert Witness:

Lawsuits occur because one party believes they suffered an economic loss due to some violating action by another party. Often both the plaintiff and the defendant’s counsel need to engage an economic expert familiar with this type of issue who can both write a clear analytical report explaining the issue and its complete economic consequences as well as provide clear and compelling testimony in support of their client’s position.

Forensic Accounting:

Occasionally questions arise about how company funds were used or who received financial benefit from a company. In these circumstances, forensic accounting skills must be engaged to sort thru financial records to determine exactly what happened and to lay out the facts in a clear manner. Fraud can potentially be uncovered thru the forensic accounting process.

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