Client Recommendations

Thank you for saving Hobie from the abyss – your results are beyond anyone’s hopes much less expectations. I look forward to our paths crossing again – if nothing else in Chicago or at our lake house in Michigan for good cheer and conversation. Churchill said, when you are going thru hell, keep going, perhaps we should amend it, when you are going through hell, find Dan Dooley and let him lead you out. 

Leland Vittert, Hobie Cat

This has to be about the best run ABC I’ve ever seen. 

Jill Nicholson, Foley & Lardner LLP

Thank you. You sir have been fantastic to work with. Wouldn’t have wanted to have gone through this with any other partner.

Lisa Myers, Phoenix Textile

That is great news. Thank you for making my job very easy on the Amstore and Bear Lake matters. Things rarely go like this. I truly appreciate how things evolved as this unfolded. 

Terick Hinze, Fifth Third Bank

Thanks for your great workthis was a very good resolution given the circumstances. Many others would have managed it less well and would have suffered a parade of problems you avoided. 

Ronald Silverman, Hogan Lovells US LLP

You’ve done a terrific job for us on some really difficult/ugly real estate parcels as well as some difficult individuals to deal with… If I can ever be of help, please let me know. 

Harry Nullet, BNP Paribas

Giant congratulations. You guys did a fantastic job of making this happen despite so many twists and turns. We are all very happy to be done and look forward to working with the Maynard’s managers. We just got off a Zoom call explaining it to the entire team. Well done! 

Doug Skidmore, Hobie Cat

Congratulations on completing this deal. It seemed so very unlikely in February. You both did a great job, and the Hobie debtholders should be very pleased with what you have accomplished for them. You really turned the company around. Thanks for all your help to us.  

James Harrigan, Higgs Law

Many thanks for steering the restructuring process through some choppy waters and helping the company get to a more sustainable capital structure. You were certainly good guides in unfamiliar territory – thanks for your help and all the best for the holidays.  

Kurt Beyer, One Rock Capital

MorrisAnderson has performed exceptionally well pushing further, faster on multiple fronts simultaneously to systematically address a myriad of issues with which the company was faced. Not only have they worked expeditiously since inception of the engagement but more importantly they have also done an exemplary job of communicating with me throughout. In my humble opinion, they have made this company immensely better in many regards in an abbreviated period of time. I would highly recommend them as a top suggestion in any list of three that we would provide to a borrower in need of CRO consultant. Please pass along and send my regards. 

Brian M. Kern, Merchants and Manufacturers Bank

I wanted to thank you for all the tremendous work you have done on this deal. It was always comforting to know that I had you working by my side. You did a tremendous job and I could not have done with without you. 

Roger Gore, Briad Restaurant Group

Wanted to thank you for working with my team to get the deal closed today. I hope this proves to be a lesson on how things can turn out for the positive when the right borrower and the agent bank have a common cause. Your efforts are much appreciated and I could not be more thrilled that there was no loss to any of the 14 banks… 

Brad Honigfield, Briad Restaurant Group

On behalf of all of us, thank you for all the hard work. We really appreciate what you’ve done for us here… take care. 

Lisa Peterson, Ottawa Avenue Private Capital

MorrisAnderson is so great and we are so glad to have them working on this case. Their efforts and presence in court contributed to the great results we obtained in court today. Thank you!

Claire Ann Richman , Steinhilber Swanson LLP

BTW, thank you for your work on AGG. We would not have gotten the outcome we have without you. 

Mark H Starnes, AGG