Consumer Products & Services


The Consumer Products and Services industry includes a wide variety of products and services sold directly to consumers. Discretionary items such as entertainment and leisure products and services, electronics, home furnishings, textiles and apparel, and household durables are included along with consumer staples such as packaged goods, household products, food and beverage items, and personal care products and services. In most sub-sectors of this industry, you see high saturation and relatively low brand loyalty as a result of minimal switching costs for consumers, which in turn, creates significant competition. Additionally given the consumer facing nature of this industry, advertising and marketing spend can be a significant expense as companies must battle for brand recognition to drive sales.

Moving forward, many companies in the consumer products and services industry face a variety of challenges: developing new go-to-market strategies, diversifying online sales channels, choosing the experience and number of physical locations, establishing supply chain resilience, and even wholesale changes to product lines. Companies like Amazon have taken consumer expectations for fulfillment to another level. Aside from pure speed, customer want to have full visibility into the status of their shipment at all times which adds to the list of challenges for consumer products and services companies.

In the Consumer Products & Services industry, MorrisAnderson has successfully worked on cases in the roles of Financial Advisor, Refinancing, Debt Restructuring, and Interim Management. A more detailed list of specific industries is as follows:


Consumer Electronics

Home Furnishings


Household Appliances

Housewares & Specialties

Leisure Products

Apparel, Accessories & Luxury Goods



Consumer Services