County of Marshall

This letter is written with gratitude to the firm of MorrisAnderson & Associates, who were instrumental in overseeing the turnaround of one of the oldest companies in our town. Cosmolab was founded in 1910 in Lewisburg, Tennessee as Red Cedar Pencil Company and today is the largest contract manufacturer of cosmetic pencils in the United States and is also, one of the largest employers in Marshall County However, they have recently faced hard times with the threat of closing their doors looming near. We knew the negative effect this would have on the workforce and on our local economy. Marshall County was already at the highest rate of unemployment in the entire state of Tennessee and this news regarding Cosmolab only heightened our concern. MorrisAnderson were brought in to help this company find its way out of the economic crisis it was in. We were happy to meet with them and greatly relieved to see that efforts were being made to turn things around for Cosmolab. MorrisAnderson diligently worked with the City of Lewisburg and the County in keeping us posted on developments of financing the stages of the bankruptcy. We are happy to say that he was successful in bringing it all together with Cosmolab being bought out by another company. work orders increasing. people hired and the future looking brighter for all. The expertise, knowledge and understanding of the process by MorrisAnderson created a happy ending to a potentially devastating story.

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