Business Services

Business Services

This segment includes non-manufacturing industries like staffing, IT consulting and data providers. These are examples and not meant to cover the condition of the entire industry segment.  

Office Staffing and Temp Agencies

This is a $134 billion dollar industry made up of almost 45,000 different businesses. This industry is heavily dependent on the national unemployment rate, demand for staff in the construction, professional and technical sectors as well as corporate profit. Like many industries, staffing continues to recover from the recession, but employers continue to be cautious of hiring full-time employees; so we expect to see continued demand for temporary and contract workers. The impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is still uncertain. 

IT Consulting

The IT Consulting industry is comprised of firms that help companies design and implement information technology (IT) systems and software. This sector is highly dependent on corporate profit, government consumption and investment, as well as private investment in computers and software. Like many other industries, IT Consulting suffered during the recession but continues to recover. Over the next five years, a continued increase in M&A activity will require the expertise of IT Consultants.  

Source: IBISWorld Industry Reports